Sewell BMW of Grapevine TX

Date: Spring 2017

Client: Sewell BMW

Project type: Auto Showroom

About This Project

Kemna Tile had been awarded a contract to install the tile for a new BMW Dealership and showroom, Sewell BMW of Grapevine, TX.  The GC StructureTone informed Kemna that due to a series of complications during construction, the concrete subfloors were severely out of range for required flatness and level. A quick site inspection confirmed that. Kemna brought in Laticrete to consult on the situation and it was clearly decided that this challenge had an ideal solution by using Laticrete’s SUPERCAP concrete-based Self-Leveling System in conjunction with their new portable delivery mixing and pump unit.

Sewell BMW Cut-Fill map
Uneven Concrete!
Installing SUPERCAP

The next steps involved a complete mapping of all of the subfloor surfaces. This is necessary to establish the zero-mark target elevation, and then identify and measure every high and low points. All high concrete areas had to be chipped and ground down; all areas were then surveyed and measured to the finished elevation. The SUPERCAP material was delivered to the site to be ready to use. Then the unique Laticrete ‘mobile mixing factory’ arrived. Hoses were unrolled and connected, everything was set up and checked, and the crews were ready – at the mixing/pump unit and at the hose delivery end. The truck’s built-in crane started loading pallet-sized bags into the mixer and the truck’s pumps started sending material through the hoses. Kemna’s self-leveling crew deftly handled delivering the SUPERCAP mixture while continually moving and adjusting the hose and the material. By the end of just one day, Sewell BMW had a level concrete floor.


While not all concrete subfloors are drastically out of level, pretty much every poured concrete floor has high and low spots that need to be mitigated prior to finish flooring installation. What used to be painfully expensive and slow is now affordable, fast, and superior in quality results. StructureTone knew that Kemna Tile was the company they could trust and count on to bring the best solution for their project.