Polishable Overlays

SuperCap Floor for AECom

Make Your Floors Look Good! 

Another challenge in many commercial projects – covering large area floor finishes. Tile, stone, carpet, wood, and composites are installed where they belong, of course. But other areas want something different.

Bare concrete is okay for a utilitarian look, but shows imperfections, plus is prone to cracking and damage.
Traditional epoxy resinous floor coatings have been around for some time now, offering protection and a sleek appearance for your floors. However, the downside has always been that epoxy floors take several days or more to install and cure, and the epoxy emits toxic fumes.

What if all that downside went away? What if you could have all the benefits epoxy resin offers, and not have noxious odors to deal with? Even better, how about an installation process that saves you many precious days (or even weeks) in installation time?

Recent breakthroughs in engineering and technology have developed the next level to create an outstanding resinous floor system.

Kemna Tile offers a rapid-cure, low odor system that give you a superior and beautiful resinous floor. Read on to find out more. 


Under what conditions would having resinous flooring be advantageous to you? Probably one or more of these:

  • Sanitary needs such as seamless flooring in building restrooms, commercial kitchens, hospital rooms, etc., requiring easy floor maintenance and coved wall transitions.
  • Durability and traction for high foot-traffic areas like event rooms, corridors, classrooms
  • Durability and traction for work vehicle heavy traffic in warehouses, storage areas, shipping areas, and more
  • Resistance to chemicals and compounds for areas like labs, equipment & machinery rooms, automotive service bays, garages

Although they expertly apply several leading industry brands of resinous floor coatings, Kemna Tile and Laticrete teamed up again to bring you the best resinous flooring solution available, called SPARTACOTE© – a patented polyaspartic resinous coating system.  It bests the market in all performance categories, which is why Kemna Tile became a top certified installation partner.

Here are some of the incredible extra benefits you will get using Kemna Tile and SPARTATCOTE:

  • Fast all-climate installation and curing time; foot traffic in 2 hours, drive on in 24 hours
  • Durable, resilient, corrosion & chemical resistance
  • Handles high traffic, provides slip-resistant traction
  • Rich, vibrant, and long-lasting colors to create impressive floor designs

Think about where you could use a strong, beautiful resinous floor!

White Concrete Coating by Kemna, Faena Forum, Miami


You want the look of a smooth concrete floor.

The problem is that concrete is very unpredictable. It is a challenge to avoid little high and low spots. When concrete cures and dries, you are stuck with whatever shading and color variations appear. And of course, concrete cracks.

Over time, many creative ways to coat concrete surfaces have been developed. Most of these are a different material, whether a paint or a compound, that may completely change the appearance.

A trending and popular answer is now available. It is a polishable concrete overlay.

These new concrete overlays are thin, reinforced concrete cement based products specifically engineered to go over existing concrete to produce the look you wanted.

The result is a seamless cementitious concrete surface that is hard, flat, smooth, and can have a variety of decorative integral colors.

What used to be a huge challenge is now in your hands.

Kemna Tile has taken a long & complicated process, and made it fast and simple.

Pour it.  Polish it.  Done!

You have your finished floor.

Why Use Kemna Tile for MY resinous & CONCRETE COATINGS?

Most companies that do floor coatings know their industry well. But besides being expert at floor coatings, Kemna Tile adds to that experience their expertise in tile, terrazzo, and stone. This means you benefit from having the combined experience of a complete hard surface professional on your team.

Every project comes with its own unique opportunities, and Kemna Tile shares with you their creative approach to finding solutions that work the best for you.

By teaming up with major product manufacturers like Laticrete, (+ other Co’s) Kemna stays informed of any new products or advances, which keeps them at the cutting edge of this always-evolving industry. That means that you have a direct line to anything new that will further enhance your project.

And when it comes to installing hard surface finishes, you know you can count on Kemna Tile to not just deliver the highest level of product and service, but to also communicate and coordinate with the entire team, from other subs on up.

That’s why you want to talk to Kemna Tile about your project.  Contact us now.