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Kemna Tile, Inc was founded in 1985 by Barry Kemna.  He is a second-generation tile professional, who not only grew up in the business, but also worked nationally on many large commercial tile projects.

On the wall in the office there is an old calendar dating back to the days of his grandfather’s business. On the bottom of that calendar it says:
“Small enough to know you, Big enough to serve you”

Barry has taken those words to heart, and he and the entire company live those words every day. It has paved the way to the wonderful relationships Kemna Tile has in the construction world and beyond.
One of the reasons for the successful growth of this company is due to the close relationships with quality general contractors and construction managers whose projects demand very high standards in both the worker and the work being performed. Each project requires, and receives, our personal attention, all the way from our president to each tile installer and helper. We fully understand that tile is a finished product that draws attention, and not only must it look good, but it needs to keep that look over time.

Pre-Construction services

One of the more valuable benefits Kemna Tile offers you is expert consultation with you and the design team during the early stages of a project.  With so much information out there, it’s a challenge to know you are making the right choices.  Not just in sourcing and confirming finish selections that are right for the project needs, but also in the correct setting materials & methods, and the surface conditions beneath.

Many times Kemna Tile is called upon to help you with preliminary budgeting, or alternate material selections, or solutions to complex installations. Our customers know that we are there for them, from budgets to finish construction, always.

UHS Women's & Children's Hospital
UHS Women's & Children's Hospital

A depth of Detailed Knowledge

With trained and seasoned staff throughout the company, Kemna Tile has the knowledge – and the experience to apply that knowledge – to ensure your tile project is done right in all the steps along the way.

Accurate take-offs include which of the many tile accessory pieces are – or are not – needed and available for your particular installation.  When it comes to wet areas, waterproofing and drainage are critical to get right so they don’t fail later and cause issues.  Knowing how substrates work with your tiles is something you don’t see when the tile is done, but you’ll certainly know it later if it’s the wrong product or not properly installed.  Kemna Tile knows what to do and how to advise you.


Kemna Tile gives you expertise on a super-wide range of Hospital and Healthcare project types, including:

Tile, Terrazzo, and Stone for Entrances, Lobbies, Specialty and Water Features, Reception Areas, Patient Rooms, Elevator Lobbies, Elevator Cabs.

Also Shower Walls & Floors; Decorative Walls & Splashes, Public Restrooms.

You have a quality company with people dedicated to doing what it takes to make your project successful. Kemna brings personal attention to your Healthcare project, from beginning to end. It is a company that is there for you. Isn’t that what you want?
Get hold of Kemna Tile now.

UHS Women's & Children's Hospital