There are so many amazing opportunities in reimagining older buildings into new and renewed uses by bringing them back to a vibrant life. Besides keeping their historical, cultural, and architectural uniqueness, new businesses are attracted to them, and people love to go there.

Of course, there are some inherent construction-related challenges when it comes to the restoring of materials used in the past. Over time, the building’s finishes get damaged and broken in places; other areas get worn and degraded. A question we hear often is “Where are we going to find this same material?”

It’s fairly common to find at least some extra stock from previous or the original construction somewhere stored somewhere. Often, this is not enough, especially on a larger scale project.

For a successful restoration it becomes crucially important to have an experienced, creative, and resourceful expert like Kemna Tile to help solve your problems like these. 


Natural marble and granite have always been major components in buildings. But being natural, finding additional matching material to replace broken stone floor tiles or wall panels may present a big obstacle. Creative thinking can help you.

Sometimes using material from another part of the building, or rearranging to blend can solve it. Sometimes it must to sourced to find a matching natural material. How? The best solution is to take advantage of Kemna Tile’s vast experience and network of connections. This has produced amazing results on many projects.

Lots of careful planning happens before work begins. Then broken pieces must be carefully removed, and replaced without damage to surrounding pieces.

The granite, marble, or limestone surfaces get meticulously cleaned, sanded, and restored to the finish when they were new.

Appropriate grout, caulking and sealers are professionally applied as needed.


Old terrazzo floors that are in good structural shape and be carefully ground, sanded and refinished to a new condition. Terrazzo wall base takes much more talent to do correctly.

Damaged old terrazzo flooring needs special attention. Because of the infinite possibilities with terrazzo colors, research and then samples must happen to see what kind of match can be made. The terrazzo experts at Kemna Tile are the best at finding great solutions to problems like these.

Restoring old terrazzo wall panels can present the same obstacles already mentioned, plus the additional challenge of working with equipment on vertical surfaces. Kemna knows and appreciates that you are putting your faith and trust in them to beautifully restore life back into your terrazzo walls.


Kemna Tile was awarded the tile contract by Tri-Arc for work on the Statler Hotel in Dallas, TX. This project also contained an enormous amount of restoration work, including marble and terrazzo.

They started talking about it and Kemna figured out the best approaches to restore the marble and terrazzo. They prepared all the samples for approval, and then worked diligently to deliver results that everyone was thrilled with.

The design team, Merriman Anderson Architects, had another very large renovation project in Dallas, also with a myriad of marble and terrazzo scenarios to bring back to life. Merriman was so impressed with Kemna Tile’s work at the Statler Hotel that they recommended them to Andres Construction, the contractor for 1401 Elm.

Both projects were very complicated and had deadlines that had to be met. Kemna Tile stepped up and excelled in every area, and both projects are stunningly beautiful. Go see them!

Find out more information on how Kemna Tile can help your restoration project succeed, contact them now.