Terrazzo Services

Kemna Tile – Terrazzo

Even though it’s only been a few years since Terrazzo became a full in-house division for Kemna Tile, these same craftsmen and crews have been working with Kemna for over fifteen years. 

The new Terrazzo Division created benefits for everyone involved.  Kemna invested in upgraded terrazzo equipment, which gave our craftsmen more capacity and efficiency.  Kemna Tile benefits because they have more control, and now have another important hard flooring capability to offer their client.  And the customer benefits because they have just one company to coordinate and handle all of their hard-surface flooring on their projects.

Here are some of the many places you’ll find Terrazzo:

  • Museums, Theaters, Libraries, Courthouses, Civic Buildings
  • Airports, Train Stations, Transportation Centers
  • Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Shopping Malls
  • Schools, Universities
  • Corporate Offices, Campuses, and Headquarters
  • Homes and Residential Buildings

About Terrazzo

Historically, the first know uses of terrazzo date back thousands of years in areas around Turkey.  Terrazzo as a craft became known to the new world over 500 years ago when Italian marble workers found a practical use for marble chips when embedded in cement.  Since then terrazzo has continued to evolve into a worldwide industry.

The reasons are many.  Terrazzo can effectively cover very large areas, is durable for use in places with high foot traffic, is relatively easy to maintain, excellent for clean environments, and can find new life for recycled and otherwise discarded materials.

But one of the most compelling benefits of using modern terrazzo is the almost endless variety of beautiful colors and design possibilities.

Terrazzo Services

Kemna Tile gives you everything you’ve come to expect from a top quality, professional Terrazzo Contractor – and so much more.

Terrazzo Samples and Submittals – Kemna guarantees timely delivery

Custom colors and materials – Kemna works hard to produce what you envision

Creative Solutions – Outside-the-box thinking to improve your project (examples)

  • Building expansion joints go where they are required – regardless of how it may intrude on your terrazzo floor design.  Kemna suggested an approach that met structural requirements and minimized the visual interruption
  • As shown here, Kemna designed a terrazzo thin-panel pre-cast panel that not only turned a radius, but also installed with invisible seams.

Advantages in Using Kemna for Terrazzo Projects?

Why go through the headache of having separate subs battle each other (and you) when you can have all of your hard surfaces – Tile, Terrazzo, and Stone – under one roof?

All of these trades become automatically self-coordinated.  This gives you far more control during the crucial finish phases of your project by dealing with one company, Kemna Tile, which in-house top quality professional results.

You get something included which you can’t even put a value on – seasoned trade professionals who also think creatively to help you make your project more successful. The ‘seamless look’ terrazzo wall panels were an idea suggested by Kemna Tile as a beautiful, durable solution to what the Architect was trying to accomplish.