For many years, that question was really “Who Is Barry Kemna?”

Barry is a second-generation commercial tile professional, who decided in 1985 that it was time to start his own company in Dallas, Texas. Starting with smaller commercial jobs, it didn’t take very long for people to find out that they could always count on Barry 100% of the time. Many of the tile projects he worked on also had a little granite work, such as reception area tops. So many General Contractors asked Barry if he would do the granite tops that he decided to add a stone fabrication shop to his building so he could help his customers.

Within the industry, Barry Kemna became known as a tile man’s tile man. Why is that?  Not just because he takes the tile trade very earnestly, but also because he has a knack for finding excellent solutions for the unique challenges that arise on commercial projects.  And now the entire company reflects those same values of integrity and service.

Tile (of course!)

Kemna Tile’s expertise at tile installations has qualified them for a coveted Five-Star Contractor rating from the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA). 

Does your project have huge areas requiring just-perfect tile alignment? Or an intricate hand-laid tile design? Or, if it’s pretty much anything and everything in between, Kemna Tile will do it for you. In fact, the breadth and range of professional Kemna tile installations could fill up an entire book by itself.

Fabricated Marble, Granite and Quartz

Stone fabrication is a skilled and exacting industry, with tight tolerances and little forgiveness for errors.  It takes tremendous attention to detail for interior granite and marble work to come out just right.

Kemna Tile has consistently pleased customers with projects with a range of installations including countertops, floors, walls, elevators, lobbies, reception desks, walk, and even driveways.  From simple all the way to custom-designed, intricate, museum-grade installations.


Kemna Tile has been performing a wide range of professionally installed terrazzo in commercial projects large and small for well over twenty years.  As a Terrazzo contractor, the demand for Kemna’s terrazzo work became so great that Barry created a new in-house division several years ago that is solely dedicated to Terrazzo

Recently, Kemna even designed and installed an innovative new expansion joint, one that makes the required joint practically disappear from view and not interfere with the intended design patterns.

Floor Coatings & Leveling

Like many contractors, Kemna Tile has been using Laticrete’s engineered setting products since the beginning. When Laticrete advanced their resinous and cement-based floor coating systems, Barry was right there with them. With today’s amazing resinous flooring systems including SPARTACOTE®, Kemna Tile has become a leader in transforming concrete areas into beautiful and durable finished floors.

And when it comes to the age-old construction problem of needing flat and level concrete substrates, Kemna Tile teamed up with Laticrete with the solution for everyone. Using the patented SUPERCAP® system and Laticrete’s other engineered cement-based products, Kemna Tile has become a leader, not just in self-leveling floors, but also in polishable cement overlays and the remediation of  concrete surfaces.


There can be so many outstanding advantages in repurposing and reinvigorating an old building.  There can also be many challenges as well.  It takes additional levels of character from within the companies that perform truly expert restoration work.  Character Traits such as Dedication, Respect, Care, and Commitment become every bit as important as the construction knowledge, skills, and experience required make your restoration project a success. 

 The talented group of professionals at Kemna Tile don’t just understand how crucial these Character Traits are.  They live it.  And they bring it.  To the office, and to your jobsite.  Every day. 


It’s funny – on most projects your biggest headaches are getting materials and installers to show up on schedule and do their job correctly, right?  Did you know that not only does Kemna Tile take masterful control of everything they are responsible for, they often go much further.

As truly seasoned professionals with experience on so many types of jobsites, Kemna Tile works with you to help the entire project succeed. It might be coming up with an innovative solution to a problem, or helping smooth out a schedule that may have different trades working on top of each other. These kinds of things greatly improve a job when you combine expertise, experience, and heart. These are the kinds of things that Kemna Tile really excels at. Just ask their customers.


Well, let’s take a look why.

  • From the very start, Kemna Tile will promptly deliver submittals for your timely review – okay, lots of companies do that, too. But how many of them will let you know if they spot something off or missing?  Kemna Tile will.
  • Well before the finishes are even close to being installed, how many subs will check site conditions to alert you of potential concrete, framing or structure issues that typically remain unseen until it’s too late?  Kemna Tile will.
  • Have you ever had related subcontract trades that just didn’t play well with each other? That problem disappears when all of your hard surface finishes are under one roof with Kemna Tile.
  • How about a subcontractor who goes out of their way to cooperate with the other subcontractors on your job, to work out little alignment details like exact location placement of plugs or switches – or daily coordinated timing that keeps installations running efficiently? That’s one of the not-so-little extra benefits you get with Kemna Tile.

Finally, when the project is complete and gets turned over to the Owner or End User, imagine how it will make you feel when they tell you how much they love all of those hard-surface finishes.  That’s what you want, and Kemna Tile will get you there!

Now you know a little bit more about who Kemna Tile is, and how you can benefit from a working relationship.
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