Installing Stone in Your Home

For more than two decades, Kemna Tile has been fabricating and installing an expansive variety of gorgeous stone items in high-end luxury homes. 

In fact, Kemna Tile recently took over the entire stone fabrication workload of Holland Marble in Dallas, Texas.

This includes installations of beautiful and functional Granites, Quartz and Marble slabs, even Soapstone, Limestones, and Exotic Stones such as back-lit Onyx.

Some Things To Consider


Stone fabrication and installation at this exclusive, ultimate level of residential construction requires a combination of elements that is very rare to find in the residential stone industry.

Your top-notch stone company must:

  • Work closely with clients, architects, and designers.  Provide them with a level of personal service that often includes helping find the right stone types and slabs to look at; edge and finish comparisons; suggestions from a fabrication or installation viewpoint, and many other valuable resources.  Layout potential patterns and pieces to be cut from various slabs.
  • Respond quickly to big and small changes
  • Coordinate with the builders and their staff, as well as the other trades working on the house
  • An exquisite level of craftsmanship with a focus on detail, not just in the fabrication, but also in the installation
"3D" Floor by Kemna Tile

3-D Stone Entry Floor!

This stunning three-dimensional floor was precision cut and fabricated with  Kemna Tile’s waterjet equipment from slabs hand-selected by the client and design team.

Then the floor was prepped and expertly installed by our Kemna Tile crews.  

Radius Tub Deck by Kemna Tile

Where Do I Want It?

Use your imagination. . .

Stone gives you a beautiful, luxurious look and feel in so many places.

  • Grand Stairs, Gallery Floors and Baseboards
  • Kitchen Countertops and Islands
  • Bathroom Vanities and Backsplashes
  • Bathroom Floors, Wainscot, Base and Trim
  • Shower Walls, Jambs, Floors and Ceilings
  • Fireplace Hearths, Mantels, Surrounds, and Walls
  • Window Frame Surrounds, Window Sills
  • Stone Stairs for homes
  • Special custom cut and shaped stone patterns for floors, mosaics, medallions
  • Stone Entry Porches & Steps, Even  Driveways!

How magnificent do you want to make your home?

Why Do I Need Kemna Tile For The Fabricated Stone On My Home?

One might say that stone is as hard as a rock – meaning that with stone you often get just one shot to get it right.  This is even more significant when using rare and exotic stones.  If a piece is fabricated wrong, or if it is not installed just right – well, you get the idea!

Many stone retailers farm out their stone fabrication to subcontractors of their choosing – you have no control over that.  Kemna Tile does all of their own granite and marble fabrication in their onsite building with skilled and talented craftsmen.  Kemna Tile knows that a premium reputation always depends on each project – Your Home.

That is a very good reason why you need a stone company which you can confidently put your trust in to bring you the absolute best in quality and craftsmanship.  And who will be right there with you, every step of the way.

Deciding on Kemna Tile as your stone company will give you that peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on how beautiful your home will be.

We love working with designers, Architects, and home owners! Get in touch with Kemna Tile today.

Kitchen by Kemna Tile