Get That Floor FlAT! 

You already know that one of the recurring challenges in many commercial construction projects is getting flat and level concrete subfloors. It’s required if you want successful floor finishes. But because of the built-in differential of allowable tolerances between structural concrete after deflection versus Division 9 flooring trades, additional work typically must happen to correct this before the finish flooring can be installed.

And if you’ve been doing this long enough, do you remember the days when ‘floor prep’ was a vaguely referred-to phrase that shifted the responsibility onto the shoulders of the flooring sub? It often resulted in unhappy situations with unbudgeted change orders and all the accompanying emotions attached.

‘Floor prep’ has evolved into a separate process to ‘bridge the gap’, especially as the tiles have become larger, and the tolerances have become smaller.

And this is where self-leveling comes in.

As you will see, Kemna Tile found a state of the art system that saves time and money while also producing superior results. 


Today, self-leveling benefits from the availability of a variety of engineered cement-based products, but the steps involved generally remain consistent.

  • First survey the floor area to measure high and low spots relative to the marked target elevation.
  • High spots may then need to be chipped or ground down.
  • Depending on the size, layout, and complexity, the self-leveling material can be either mixed and poured right where needed, while larger areas can be pumped into place from a remote mixer.
  • When it’s ready, floor traffic and construction work can resume.

Just like any other professional trade, it takes skill, training, and experience to produce consistently good results. It may sound unusual, but even other tile contractors hire Kemna Tile do their subfloor self-leveling for them before they install their tile (as in the project shown here).  That’s because they confidently know that Kemna has the trained skills and will always yield the best professional results.

Self-Level performed under tile


What is SUPERCAP®?

Laticrete International has been revolutionizing the coating and setting material industry for over 60 years, and does so in a big way with floor leveling.

This is an impressively engineered self-leveling system that has become one of the most advanced, cost efficient self-leveling systems in existence.

Laticrete’s SUPERCAP® is a GreenGuard certified, cement-based self-leveling material that puts a flat finish over new concrete or existing slabs. It’s walkable in just 2 hours, and trades can get back to work the very next day, saving the project in time and money.

When used with Laticrete’s patented mobile mixing and pump truck unit, up to 15 tons of self-leveling can be mixed per hour, and can be delivered by hose for placement on floors up to 50 stories high.

All this capability means that large areas up to 20,000 SF, depending on pour depths, could be completely self-leveled in one working day

How much would your project save if days – or even weeks – were shaved from your construction schedule by using Kemna Tile and SuperCap®?

Should Kemna Tile Do My Self-Leveling? Why?

Finally, this important step to a successful transition from structural concrete to the flooring finishes has gotten the attention it deserves. Owners, Architects, GC’s, and subs recognize the value of having uniform, flat substrates ready to take finishes. Now, advances in engineered products and technology have made it possible to accomplish this important task affordably, quickly and with superior features.

Being a hard-surface flooring installer for decades, Kemna Tile was ready to recognize the right solution, and promptly became certified as a self-leveling installer. The advantages for you are threefold:

  1.  Having the self-leveling done by the same company installing your other hard surface flooring.
  2. Even if they weren’t putting the flooring over it, Kemna performs the same way as if they were.
  3. Having the reputation of Barry Kemna and Kemna Tile ensure that everything goes in timely and professionally.

That’s why you want to talk to Kemna Tile right now about your project.