Baylor Scott and White Operating Rooms

Date: 2018

Architect: HKS

Project type: Hospital/Medical

About Project

An architect from renowned architectural firm HKS told Kemna Tile that he had a new construction project where a competitor’s coating was applied, but the floor owners and designers were not happy with its look.  They were shown new SPARTACOTE floor done by Kemna, the architect liked what he saw, and asked whether that would be a good fit for the hospital work.  SPARTACOTE characteristics would be excellent for this application, but there was already an approved color installed.  Kemna and Laticrete worked to develop custom samples that matched, and the go-ahead was given.

Kemna Tile crews worked to patch and prepare the existing concrete substrate.  Then they mixed and applied the SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE pigment base. The Kemna crew then broadcast the custom blend chip into the wet pigment base coat.  Finally, the Kemna coatings crew applied two clear SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE CLINICAL PLUS coats to the floor surface.  After the new resinous floor was done, Kemna created cove base with SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE and SPARTACOTE QUARTZ dark grey, creating a seamless system between the floor and the walls.


The architect and the owners were very happy with the SPARTACOTE product and Keman Tile’s expert installation for a successful project outcome.  Baylor, Scott & White management now have new, fully-operational operating rooms with a floor coating system that gives them excellent abrasion, slip resistance and chemical resistance, and mitigates microbial growth. Additionally, the new SPARTACOTE floor is easy to clean, making it an excellent fit for busy hospital areas.