Security Desk for Schwab Corp.  Stone by Kemna Tile.

Commercial Stone Fabrication and Installation

Barry Kemna added a large and fully-equipped stone fabrication shop well over twenty years ago. It actually started because many of his commercial general contractors had a number of stone tops on their jobs and asked Barry if he could find a way to help them out.

Since those early beginnings, Kemna Tile has become the go-to specialists in the fabrication of Marble, Granite, Limestone, Slate, and Engineered Stones.

The uses for durable and attractive stone are virtually limitless: lobby floors, walls, and stairways for hospitals, hotels and businesses; public and executive restrooms; conference tables and credenzas; office desks, office kitchens,  furniture, shelf units, lobby fireplaces, restaurant and retail shopfronts, floors, walls, and window sills; signs, monuments, pedestals; even art pieces – and more listed below.

Did You Know This About Stone?

For fabrication purposes, there are two types of natural stone, granite, and marble.
Granite is an igneous rock containing natural quartz, feldspar, mica, and other minerals. It’s formed when molten rock (magma) slowly cools and hardens deep inside the earth. Because of geological movement in the earth’s crust, granite areas moved to the surface and formed land, mountains, and islands. The granite family also includes basalt, obsidian, and gneiss.

Marble is created when limestone, a sedimentary rock, undergoes metamorphosis under great heat and pressure. Marble is composed primarily of calcite, as well a wide variety of minerals and other material. Sedimentary rock comes from ancient shallow seas, and can include organic material and fossils. The marble-limestone family also includes travertine, slate, sandstone, soapstone, and more exotic stones like onyx.

Other than a fairly wide color range, the physical properties across different granites remain fairly consistent. However, there is a large variety of colors, hardness, strengths, and performance within the marble-limestone group.

There is a third group of stones used for fabrication – these are engineered (manufactured) stones. The primary component is natural quartz crystals bound with epoxy resins and is sometimes referred to as quartz. The addition of other minerals and materials results in a tremendous variety of colors and patterns available.

No matter what your stone material of choice is, Kemna Tile fabricates and installs it.

Marble Mosaic Floor, Dallas, by Kemna Tile
Backlit Limestone AA Logo by Kemna Tile

 – Project Types We Do

Kemna Tile has performed an incredibly wide range of stone projects types. . .

  • Lobby floors, walls, and specialty features for hotels, hospitals
  • Counters, bars, tables, and desks for executive offices and conference rooms
  • Designed reception desk stone for all types of public spaces
  • Elevator lobbies, elevator surrounds, elevator interiors.
    Restroom countertops and core restrooms for every commercial building use
  • Stone Stairs for lobbies, company headquarters, office buildings, homes
  • Stone clad walls, either dimensional stone panels, stone veneer, or thin stone
  • Restaurant counters, bars, steps, accent features
  • Special custom cut and shaped stone patterns for floors, mosaics, medallions … even a Backlit AA Logo of Solid Limestone for their Admiral’s Club!
  • Even stone driveways, parking lots, curbs & sidewalks

Just imagine your next project and how professionally fabricated and installed stone can take it to the next level!

Why Use Kemna Tile for Fabricated Stone On My Projects?

Stone is an unforgiving material, and construction is rarely square and true.  That’s why you want the best stone fabricator that you can get on your projects.  One who does accurate and precision measurements and templates, and then carries that level all the way through layout, fabrication, and installation.

Kemna is the fabricator you want and need on your jobs.  They make sure it’s right, and that it fits right every time.

Here are some of the industries using stone that Kemna Tile serves:

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Hotels and Convention Centers
  • Corporate Office and Headquarters
  • Restaurants, Retail Locations, and Recreation Facilities
  • Education and Government Buildings, Churches

What are your projects that have stone?

Now is an excellent time to call Kemna Tile and see how we can help you succeed.

Imported polished Egyptian travertine floor by Kemna