As one of the very few granite and marble fabricators with the necessary talent, tools, and capacity, Kemna Tile was chosen to take over all of the work from Holland Marble.


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Does Your Construction Project Have Terrazzo Finishes?
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Granite & Marble

From New Construction To Renovation Work To Restoration, Commercial Stone Work Requires A Very High Level Of Expertise.  That’s Why You Need To Call Kemna Tile.


Tile Gives You More Variety In Material And Styles Than Any Other Material.  Kemna Tile Shows You The Secrets To A Truly Successful Installation.


Fast And Efficient F
Fast And Efficient Floor Leveling.  Beautiful And Durable Surface Flooring.  Check Out The Advantages Of Hiring Kemna Tile For Your Resinous Flooring Projects.
loor Leveling.  Beautiful And Durable Surface Flooring.  Check Out The Advantages Of Hiring Kemna Tile For Your Resinous Flooring Projects.


Tile is the number one material of choice when it comes to the variety of design options.


Natural granite and marble are beautiful and interesting examples that share with us some of the hidden clues of how our planet was created.


Terrazzo offers a long-lasting, easy to maintain, and appealing design for floors – and Kemna Tile adds the capability for seamless walls, too!


Resinous Flooring is an outstanding choice where beauty and practicality combine with the need for extra cleanliness.


Like so many other things, the preparation that goes in ahead of the finish determines the outcome of the finish.  Self-Leveling is that professional preparation under your finished floors.


Breathing new life into an older building brings wonderful opportunities – as well as daunting challenges.  Restoration is a difficult specialty – make sure you have a talented specialist on your side.

Who We Are

Can you find professional subcontractors for each construction trade you need work performed?  Of course you can.  

But do you know what’s harder to find?  A knowledgeable and caring team that does so many different things, and consistently goes above and beyond expectations. 

Kemna Tile proactively shares their depth of construction experience to help you recognize opportunities and also recognize potential issues before they become problems.  Who is Kemna Tile?  A company that will bring you extra value to every project.


TILE  •  Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone, Specialty
STONE  •  Fabricated Granite and Marble
TERRAZZO  •  Custom Designs.  Epoxy or Cement Based
RESINOUS FLOORING • Floor Leveling • SpartaCote™


Westlake Dermatology

Westlake Dermatology

This Project had design, manufacture, and installation requirements that were virtually unheard of in the commercial Terrazzo industry.

Read More to find out how Kemna Tile stepped up with innovative solutions.

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Classic BMW of Plano

Classic BMW of Plano

With challenging design curves across the tiled automobile showroom floor, designer customer restrooms, and even tiled service bay floors, Kemna Tile delivered a beautiful project for BMW.

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“I would not hesitate to engage in another tile and/or terrazzo contract with Kemna.”

Jim McSweeny

“They are consistently professional, take pride in the quality of their work.”
Emily Cambron
HKS  Architects