Westlake Dermatology

Date: 2020

Design: Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Project type: Retail Services

About the Project

Westlake Dermatology, which offers professional medical and aesthetic dermatology services in Texas, was opening a new office in Dallas.  Besides top-notch client care, Westlake Dermatology enjoyed a very high level of design in their locations.  The Dallas design theme centered around Terrazzo floors and walls.  There were two construction challenges when it came to the Terrazzo walls.  One was that the architect wanted a seamless appearance for where the wall panels joined together.  The other was that the walls had large, sweeping radius corners.  This combination required some outside-the-box creative experience.

Westlake Dermatology - Terrazzo and Stone
Westlake Dermatology - Terrazzo and Stone
Westlake Dermatology - Terrazzo and Stone
Westlake Dermatology - Lobby- Terrazzo and Stone

Kemna Tile took up the challenge.  A fair amount of research and experimentation by Barry Kemna and his very talented Terrazzo leaders developed and perfected a way to mix and create thin Terrazzo vertical panels that were 9 feet tall so that there would be no horizontal Terrazzo seam in the walls at all.  Then they a procedure to join the vertical panels in such a way that the seams all but disappeared from view.  Finally, the Kemna Tile Terrazzo group was able to painstakingly create forms that would fit the desired radius wall turns, and actually produce 9-foot tall, curved thin-Terrazzo wall panels that fit perfectly.  The proof of their ingenuity is in the amazing, beautiful results – an actual Terrazzo interior wall panel system that turned radius corners and looks seamless.


The Architect and the client were extremely pleased with all of the work performed by Kemna Tile.  In addition to the unique design and application of straight and radiused thin Terrazzo wall panels that flow seamlessly, Kemna’s crews installed a matching poured-in-place Terrazzo floor with embedded curved metal lines.  A custom white marble reception desk in front of a massive white marble accent wall greets visitors in the lobby area, and lovely tile is in the guest restroom.  One of the wonderful other advantages is that passersby can enjoy the beauty of this unique design through the glass window walls of this corner building location.